Component System

A comprehensive library of modular UI components. Wireframe-ready and fully customisable for Digital360 clients.

Same high quality, better efficiency

Minimise time-consuming and repetitive tasks in development stages. Cut down handover tasks in the design and content stages. All without compromising quality.

Defined library to aid project scope

Use the Component System to help plan out upcoming projects or ongoing strategy sessions. Quickly find pre-set components and pages to speed up quoting tasks.

Presentation-ready wireframes

Share clean, professional staging URL wireframes with clients and the team. Avoid misinterpretation of information common with other wireframing methods.

One system. One source of truth

Reduce the number of independent outputs that become outdated. The system connects each design and development stage, from initial wireframe to final publish.

Add valuable pages without extra budget

The pre-set support page library allows for additional content pages to be added to a project without requiring extra design budget for custom-built pages.

Log and complete feedback in one place

Bugherd is connected to the project immediately. Log and complete feedback and bugs for wireframes, designs, content and development all in one location.

Built for purpose, 100% customisable

Although each component comes ready to publish, they're also customisable to fit any design need. They are built to be as flexible as the designer requires.

Over 60 components and growing

The Component System aims to cover all common UI categories and elements, with a useful range of components relevant to Digital360 client projects.

Responsive out-of-the-box

Components are pre-built responsive for all device sizes, saving time and ensuring consistent quality. They're also editable to meet any client's unique user device need.

Consistency between projects

The system uses specific structure, styling and naming conventions. Each project shares consistent rules, making switching from project to project more efficient.

Scale out custom functionality efficiently

The Component System is constantly being updated. As a result, any new functionality or custom elements from new projects can be added into the library for future use.

Complex construction, simple implementation

Although components are built with different levels of complexity, usage is often as simple as copy and paste. Documentation is provided in each case.