We’ve all heard those New Years’ Resolutions that many people make and regularly fail!

How about joining the gym? Or taking your lunch to work every day?

These are big lifestyle changes to make – finding the time for a gym sesh, or waking up early to prepare lunch.. Sometimes it’s just not realistic.

A New Years’ Resolution can be a great way to make everlasting small changes to your life that will benefit you for years to come. We’ve got some excellent suggestions for simple and beneficial New Years’ Resolutions, that are easy to maintain and will make you feel good!

Vary your source of protein. Add more pork to your diet in 2018. Pork is often overlooked for its red meat counterparts, however, its undeniable the health benefits that pork offers. Its high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and lean cuts are a healthier option than chicken, beef or lamb. So why not add pork to your diet once a week, and enjoy the benefits! Plus is damn delicious. Try the St Bernard’s Free Range Pork we proudly stock, and find out more about it here: link.

Increase your vitamin and mineral intake without supplements.We’ve all been there, you want to go on a bit of a health kick so you pick up an expensive multivitamin from the chemist and vow to take one every day. Until a week later, when the odorous scent that spills out of the little jar as you open it is so powerful that you no longer need your morning coffee. Let’s not even discuss the effect these supplements have on our urine!

Luckily we have a natural and delicious alternative.Our Beef Broth. Made with beef bones, naturally rich in gelatine and amino acids such as glycine, which assists the liver in detoxification, beef broth makes for a perfect vitamin and mineral boost, that is also delicious. There’s a multitude of other benefits including: free radical protection and vitamin c metabolism, as well as minerals to support joint and bone health and even immunity. Make yourself a pho, using in your cooking or just heat and sip, it’s that good!

Enjoy yourself, live a little. Life doesn’t need to be mundane and repetitive. Be adventurous with your food choices, try new things and different cuisines. Why not create a simple charcuterie board once in a while for dinner? Crusty breadstick, pate, terrine, cured meats, cheese. Sure, it’s not the most weight-watchers friendly dinner, but when you’re drinking broth and enjoying a variety of proteins every other day of the week, you can surely enjoy a treat. You deserve it.

Spend more time with family and friends. Often easier said than done, however, when you’ve got Peter Bouchier on your side, this one is actually a breeze. It all comes down to entertaining, and for many this is a daunting thought. What to cook? Will they like it? What if I ruin the meal? The thoughts should end the moment you walk in to one of our stores. We have numerous options perfect for entertaining, and the secret is that we’ve done all the hard work. All you need to do is pop it in the oven/bbq, follow our instructions and you will present to your friends and family a splendid dish that you’ll be praised for! Ask us for serving suggestions to get the sides matched perfectly, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

Save money for that reno / the house deposit / school fees. This is a typical New Years’ Resolution that is an ongoing challenge! Make it simpler and less broad. Eat out less. The main culprit for money burning meals has to be breakfast. It’s a lovely weekend ritual, but it is quickly burning holes in our pockets. Instead, get organised and have a beautiful breakfast at home with the best ingredients. Forge Creek Free Range Eggs and of course your Peter Bouchier bacon are the hero ingredients to all weekend breakfasts. Make it simple, or be adventurous and make a masterpiece for your family. You and your wallet will be off to a great start for the weekend. Cha-ching!

So there you have it. Some excellent suggestions for New Years’ Resolutions that are worth keeping and absolutely achievable.

Here’s to a fabulous year for everyone in 2018, we look forward to seeing everyone in store throughout the year.