Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival kicks off the social calendar as we lean towards the approaching silly season. It is the perfect time to catch up with friends; whether you are heading trackside for the day - be it on the grass or an allotment in the carpark, or you’re enjoying the race days from your own home with a fabulous champagne breakfast or bbq lunch, it certainly is the time of year when Melbourne comes to life!

Spring Carnival gives Melbourne the chance to show off the incredible food we have and sets the bar for the coming social months. It’s at this wonderful time of year that our charcuterie range really shines. At an event or gathering these nothing better than an over the top, epic spread of cured meats, pates, terrine and cheeses; served with champagne or prosecco. It is an easy task to fill your shopping bag with an array of interesting, delicious, moreish Peter Bouchier products; the challenge is fitting it all on the table… Here are top picks for Spring Carnival spreads:

Champagne Breakfast:
Must haves
Mini bacon rolls – a small bread roll with a generous filling of our award winning dry cured bacon (which has just been awarded 1st place in Victoria at the PorkMark bacon awards 2018/9!)
Fresh sandwiches – for those who prefer a savoury option that is light and fresh, sandwiches are great option for champagne breakfast. With fillings like: corned beef & ploughman’s and relish,

The Flemington carpark:
Must haves
Whole or Half Leg of Ham – keep it in an esky and take it out at intervals through the day to slice and serve in rolls with your favourite mustard. This is the easiest option when catering for a crowd, our customers have really embraced this in recent years.

Chicken drumettes – served cold, these are a great snack to keep you going through the day. Sprinkle the honey soy marinated drumettes with sesame seeds or a small amount of flat leaf parsley to brighten them before serving.

Hosting a race day at your home:
Of course all your favourite Peter Bouchier meats will consume your bbq, but that’s lunch, what about before and after?
Must haves
Charcuterie board: Aim for variety and you can never go wrong when building a charcuterie board. Variety of texture, taste and colour is important. Proscuitto is essential, followed by some finely sliced Peter Bouchier ham, our cranberry and almond pate and a City Larder terrine, and some spicy salami is always a hit! Two varieties of crackers and sliced baguette. Pop some olives down, some nuts and of course your cheese selections and their pairings (fruits, jams).
Frankfurts: Something for the hangers-on. When it’s late in the day, guests are generally inebriated and start to get hungry again. You need something quick and simple that might help to soak up the grog. A batch of our delicious frankfurts or cocktail frankfurts will certainly appeal to everyone. Allow guests to help themselves by serving alongside a basket of bread rolls, a jar of sauerkraut and hot mustard.