What’s been happening at your local Peter Bouchier store?

Toorak - 551 Malvern Road

We’ve had a great start to the year with lots of exciting things happening in store. Our team have been focusing on serving suggestions and are taking inspiration from the beautiful cookbooks we’ve got in stock at the moment. From fresh and vibrant salads to delicious variations on classic sides, you’ll find the perfect pairing for your steak or roast. Just pop into Toscano’s for your supplies.

Malvern Central -110 Wattletree Road

The Malvern Central store has been open a little over a month, with Christmas, New Year and Summer Holidays it’s been a bit of a whirlwind! We’re really starting to settle into our new home and have received a very warm welcome from locals and customers, for which we are really appreciative. We are looking forward to the school term to start so that we can really get a feel for what our customers are looking for on a weekly basis. So far there’s been a focus on BBQ and we’ve also had some great interest in our take home meals such as the pies, chicken parmas and lasagne.

David Jones Butcher - 310 Bourke Street

Last year’s introduction of our weekly tastings was really successful – it gave us an opportunity to show customers some great ways of cooking your Peter Bouchier products, and a good chance to highlight a variety of different products. With Christmas all finished and our customers back from their summer breaks, we are looking forward to starting our tastings for 2018. Some things to expect for our up coming tastings? Every day products served in inventive ways to inspire your creativity.

David Jones Deli - 310 Bourke Street

This is our favourite time of year in the Deli. During these warmer months many people opt for a no-cook, cold option for dinner and we have some amazing options for a charcuterie dinner! A quick and simple platter with some top quality products will satisfy your hunger without feeling heavy and tired! Enjoying an array of fabulous Peter Bouchier products while sipping a rose or your favourite drop will make you feel like you’re still on holiday. Dining alfresco is a must of course. From terrine to parma ham; fleishsalat to hand carved Peter Bouchier ham – there really isn’t anything better than a wonderful self-made charcuterie board with all your favourites, and it starts here at the Peter Bouchier deli in David Jones Bourke Street.