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Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Beef is here

Peter Bouchier
Peter Bouchier
May 11, 2020
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It’s the first of its kind, with a distinct point of difference.

Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Beef is here. Five Founders, North Australian Pastoral Company’s premium beef range, is committed to making positive change; certified by the Australian Government in April 2019 after meeting their strict guidelines, it is officially carbon neutral.

Climate Active, Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is a term used to describe a product where the greenhouse gas emissions caused by them have been negated through funding equivalent amounts of carbon savings elsewhere in the world.

Put simply, a carbon footprint is described as how much bad stuff is released (by a person, group or product) versus what you do to offset/reduce it.

Five Founders Beef

So how do they do it?

Over the past 140 years, NAPCo have always championed animal welfare and environmental land care with a focus on sustainability and minimal intervention. Climate neutrality was a natural progression for the company.

The first step of the process for delivering a carbon neutral beef product involved thorough assessment of the carbon footprint. From the whole-life aspect of the cattle right down to the sale of the steaks at the local butcher shop, the entire supply chain of the beef product was assessed.

Step two of the carbon neutral journey was the implementation of various strategies to reduce that footprint and plan for increased reduction for years to come. This included looking at the cattle genetics to reduce the methane emissions and well as practising soil regeneration, implementing renewable solar energy initiatives.

And stage three is offset. The purchase of Federal Government approved carbon credits for Emission Reduction Fund projects to balance the carbon footprint.

This process of Assess, Reduce and Offset is completed annually.

Cattle Goldsborough

Natural Australian Beef

Five Founders Natural Australian Beef give customers the finest quality eating experience that is ethically raised and sustainably produced. Five Founders cattle are born and raised on the vast fertile land of the Australian Outback.The cattle graze natural grasslands across six million hectares of natural Australian vegetation in Queensland and the Northern Territory for an estimated 500 days and grain fed for 100 days. The result is tender, juicy and flavourful, lean beef rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron and zinc.


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