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Thoughtful smallgoods made and perfected by hand

Using traditional methods and premium ingredients

At Peter Bouchier, we make all our smallgoods in-house with the highest quality ingredients and our unique recipes. We are dedicated to the traditional craft of making smallgoods, like bacon and ham. By measuring and mixing the ideal blend of ingredients, then cooking and curing to perfection, we have the best smallgoods in Melbourne.

Creating the finest smallgoods requires the best meat and ingredients, combined with expert work of our specialist butchers. Plus, with our delivery service, it's never been easier to buy ham online, or order bacon delivery to your home.

Quality meat

Old-fashioned skill and craft

Leading producers

Premium quality, fresh ingredients

Product range

Friendly and attentive customer service


Huge range of delicious smallgoods

Our smallgoods

We make all our smallgoods with the highest quality fresh ingredients using recipes developed and perfected by Peter Bouchier over the years.



Our ham and bacon products are crafted by hand, which results in a superior eating quality and texture when cooked. All of our spices to make our smallgoods are measured and mixed by hand using traditional methods.

Ham and Bacon Varieties

Cooked Sausages

Other smallgoods

  • Kassler steaks
  • Diced bacon
  • Speck
  • Smoked ham hock
  • Bacon bones
  • Polish sausage
  • Free range smoked chicken fillet
  • Strassburg
  • Kaisserfleish
  • Leberkasse
  • Pressed tongue
  • Cooked corned beef
  • Oven roast turkey fillet
  • Oven rare roast beef
  • Pastrami whole
  • Cracked pepper pate
  • Cranberry and almond pate
  • Clonakilty black pudding
  • Clonakilty white pudding
Fresh sausages

Fresh sausages

We use fresh ingredients and herbs to produce our sausages, giving you the best flavour. All the spices used to make our sausages are measured and mixed by hand with traditional methods.



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Butchers of distinction

Our smallgoods are handcrafted, not mass produced. We create all our smallgoods using the finest ingredients and traditional methods, so we can give you the best products.

Traditional methods and unbeatable recipes

We are dedicated to the craft of creating delicious, premium smallgoods. We have developed our unique recipes over the years, because sometimes adding an extra gram of pepper per kilogram is all it takes to make a good sausage into something really special.

Our smallgoods aren't mass produced; our butchers still use traditional, labour-intensive processes. Because that's how we get the best result.

Locally sourced meat

Only fresh, premium ingredients go into our smallgoods

We only use the highest quality fresh ingredients in our smallgoods. From the meat to the seasoning and spices, everything we use is as good as it can be so you get the best possible products.

All the meat we use in our smallgoods is sourced from the leading producers in Victoria and NSW. We choose to work with producers who share our dedication to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Satisfied customers

Amazing meat at very reasonable prices. Very friendly staff too.

Mitchell Oke

Fabulous supplier of high quality meat and smallgoods.

East Ivanhoe Grocers Pty Ltd

Sensational. Best meat I've had. Never had a disappointing cut.

Hugh Williams

Can't think of a thing wrong with this place, such excellent quality.

Ella Kalibwani

Peter Bouchier is rated 4.7 on Google from 16 reviews

About Peter Bouchier

At Peter Bouchier, we are dedicated to quality. We use traditional methods and skills to make our smallgoods and get the best result for our customers.

Melbourne has trusted Peter Bouchier for high-quality meat and smallgoods since 1983. We choose to work with the leading producers in Victoria and NSW who share our passion for quality and animal welfare.

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