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Reverse Sear Tomahawk Steak with French Potato Puree and Red Wine Reduction

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From Basting Bros BBQ comes this feast fit for a King. Serve this epic steak with Nathan's smooth and creamy mash and decadent red wine reduction.
Nathan - Basting Bros BBQ
September 23, 2020


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  • Reverse Sear Steak | Tomahawk steak or steak of your choosing
  • Reverse Sear Steak | Oil (I typically use rice bran, grape seed or peanut oil)
  • Reverse Sear Steak | Beef stock cube
  • French Potato Puree | 6-8 medium sized washed potatoes (approx. 375g)
  • French Potato Puree | 180g cubed butter (at room temperature)
  • Red Wine Reduction | 350ml of chicken stock/broth
  • Red Wine Reduction | 250ml red wine (full bodied)
  • Red Wine Reduction | 50ml beef au jus/stock/broth
  • Red Wine Reduction | 1 medium sized shallot finely sliced
  • Red Wine Reduction | One small pinch tarragon leaves
  • Red Wine Reduction | 100g sliced mushrooms
  • Red Wine Reduction | Salt and pepper to season
  • Red Wine Reduction | 2 tbs of butter



Reverse Sear Steak | Remove tomahawk from packaging and pat down with a paper towel.


Reverse Sear Steak | Add beef stock cube and one to two teaspoons of oil into a small bowl. Mix into a paste.


Reverse Sear Steak | Apply the paste to the all surfaces of the steak evenly, this will act as a binder.


Reverse Sear Steak | Apply cracked pepper to all surfaces of the steak evenly and pat down once done. Option: Wrap tomahawk bone with aluminium foil to prevent discolouring during the cook.


Reverse Sear Steak | Bring the BBQ up to a temp of approx. 110c and and set up for an indirect cooking style. This is when you have the heat source on one side of the cooking chamber and steak placed on the other side. This can be done over fire using charcoal, or by turning on one burner on your gas bbq. Alternatively you can also cook this in an oven.


Reverse Sear Steak | Place the steak on the indirect side of your cooking choice. Until it reaches the following internal temperature. Rare 50C Medium rare 55C Medium 60 Medium /Well 65C.


Reverse Sear Steak | Once it reaches your desired temperature, remove steak from the cooking source. Place steak on either a plate or chopping board and wrap in aluminium foil. Let steak rest while preparing the searing process.


Reverse Sear Steak | Heat the skillet pan over a high heat and add a little butter or oil. The skillet pan needs to be hot! Alternatively you can do this directly over grill grates on your bbq.


Reverse Sear Steak | Place the steak into the skillet pan and sear from approx. 1-2 mins each side, until the steak reaches internal temperature of: Rare 55C Medium rare 60C Medium 65 Medium /Well 70C, remove the steak from be cast iron skillet and serve.


French Potato Puree | Fill saucepan approx 1/2 - 3/4 full with cold water and add unpeeled potatoes. Cook over medium heat (approx 45 mins) until done.


French Potato Puree | Remove from heat, strain and set aside.


French Potato Puree | With a paring knife, peel back the skin of the potato. Put potatoes aside into a bowl. I tend to use a cotton glove with a nitrle gloves to do this as it prevents burning your hands.


French Potato Puree | Add potatoes to the potato ricer (1-2 at a time) while holding over the empty saucepan apply pressure to the handle empty contents in saucepan. Repeat for remaining potatoes.


French Potato Puree | Over a low heat, consistently fold in the butter 1 to 2 cubes at a time with a spatula.


Red Wine Reduction | Add shallots to a saucepan and soften with butter over a medium heat for to 3 minutes.


Red Wine Reduction | Add the sliced mushrooms to the saucepan and soften for approximately 2 minutes.


Red Wine Reduction | Add red wine to the saucepan and let it reduce buy half.


Red Wine Reduction | Add the chicken stock/broth and the beef au jus to the saucepan, reduce by half.


Red Wine Reduction | Add tarragon and salt and pepper (if required). Simmer for a couple of minutes.


Red Wine Reduction | Pass the reduction through a sieve into an empty bowl and serve.

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About the author

Nathan resides in Melbourne, arguably the culture, food and coffee capital of the world. He has always been surrounded by food and started cooking at the age of thirteen, experimenting with flavour profiles in the kitchen naturally progressed into BBQ. Starting off like most in Australia on a gas BBQ, Nathan decided to trial Low N Slow cooking ten years ago. From that moment forward he embraced the art form and jumped head first into cooking over fire. Nathan enjoys nothing more than spending time with family and friends cooking them exceptional food which emulates with his passion for all things BBQ. Ultimately, BBQ is one of the few things in life that brings people together, no matter what walks of life they come from. Be sure to follow him on all Instagram, YouTube and Facebook @Bastingbrosbbq for How to videos, tips and tricks with BBQ and cooking. You may have seen Nathan on season one of Dippers Destinations on 7mate or the soon to be released Dippers BBQ wars in October.


steak, summer, bbq, sides, sauce

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