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How COVID-19 has affected our business

COVID-19 Policies
Update published 14/09/2020

We are delivering across metropolitan Melbourne.

Flat rate delivery fee: $15. FREE delivery for all orders $70 or more.

Delivering Monday - Friday between 1pm-6pm.

Mornington Peninsula deliveries are every Wednesday.

For more information visit our Terms and Conditions Page here.

Update published 24/08/2020

We have extended our free delivery offer until 1st September 2020 to continue our support of Melburnians and our community through the COVID-19 restrictions.

Update published 03/08/2020

Stage 4 restrictions, here we go.

As restrictions in Melbourne tighten, our communities look to be operating in a different manner. We have been deemed an essential service for Stage 4 restrictions, so we're working through the demands that will be placed on us and how we can best serve our community.

Our stores are very busy and our staff are working under pressure, but as an essential service we must be strong and serve our community. We are grateful to remain open, as many of our fellow traders are closed and facing significant hardship. Our retail teams continue to work in a socially distanced capacity with increased hygiene and sanitation practices being followed.

There has been some panic-buying over the past few days. Please be assured that we have a steady supply of meat and although we may sell out of a particular cut here and there, we will restock daily.  

Our online store is operating at full capacity. We’ve needed to restrict the checkout from time to time to ensure all orders are filled. Working under limitations with social distancing means capping orders is becoming essential to maintain safety and limit staff fatigue. We are working hard to increase our capacity to fulfill more orders while maintaining safety.

Our various stockists dotted around Melbourne and regional Victoria will be well stocked with our products, we will continue to stock these stores and support them as they have supported us over the years.

We are grateful to be considered essential by the Victorian State Government and will work hard to serve and deliver quality meat to Melburnians throughout the lockdown.

Update published 10/07/2020

To support Melburnians and our community through the new COVID-19 restrictions, we are now offering free delivery on all orders. Free delivery will run for the full 6 six weeks of lockdown until 21/08/20.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Update published 08/07/2020

Back to lockdown

As we re-enter lockdown across Melbourne, here’s a reminder of how we are currently operating:

Online store

Online ordering and home delivery is available to various postcodes throughout Melbourne, we have some exciting updates on this delivery zone in the coming weeks, so if your postcode is not in the current zone, please check again in the coming weeks. We currently offer next day delivery for our Melbourne metro postcodes, and Wednesday delivery for the Mornington Peninsula.

Our retail stores

Drive-thru is available at our Toorak and Malvern stores. Place your order over the phone and arrange an in-car collection via the laneways adjacent to these locations. For more info please call your local store.

Toorak 9827 3629

Malvern 9576 2530

City 9643 2530 (orders for store collection)

We are practicing social distancing in store with regular sanitising and cleaning. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We have a steady and ongoing supply of meat, however we will place limitations on certain products if required and we ask for everyone to please refrain from panic buying and stock piling. If we all shop for only what we need, no one will miss out on what they want. ⠀⠀

Our stockists

Our wonderful stockists across Melbourne and beyond are also experiencing an increased demand on meat. We will continue to serve our stockists, providing them with a steady and ongoing supply of our products as required. Please contact your local  stockist for information on their current services.

Whether it’s in store, online, drive thru, or in partnership with our stockists, we are here to serve our community.

Thank you all for your support, let’s get through this together.

Update published 06/07/2020

A note from Peter

We have been reflecting on the many changes we’ve made as a business in response to COVID-19, it’s been an extraordinary year so far with little opportunity to slow down, take a breath and review what has been achieved. So here we are with a recap.

Our retail stores were affected early with the increased demand caused by panic buying. We closed our doors early on a couple of days to restock and recoup! But as instantaneously as the panic buying started, so did it stop; many of our customers went into self-isolation and significantly reduced their time outside of home. Our meat supply went from severely understocked during the panic buying, to overloaded with far too much stock on hand in its wake; all within a matter of days.  

Social distancing is working well at our retail stores. We have installed an external heater and full length cafe blinds to the awning at Toorak to keep waiting customers warm when the store is at full capacity. We want to make the shopping experience as comfortable as possible through these colder months, as a way of looking after those who continue to support us despite the inconvenience of waiting outside the store during peak periods.

Our Moorabbin premises has adapted very well to our split shifts, which were implemented as an early response to COVID-19 back in March. Like many other businesses that manufacture and make their own goods, we needed to implement significant changes to our production and operations to accommodate social distancing. It has made us think critically about keeping certain changes in place for the future as we’ve been able to streamline some areas.  

With a quick pivot to the business plan, our online store was launched at the beginning of April, enabling us to continue to serve our customers who chose to self-isolate. It took a lot of hard work and restructuring to get it up and running, and we’re pleased to be able to continue the service for the time being. We’ll review in the coming months to see what the demand is like and if it will become a fixture of the business for the long term.

We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our loyal customers, who continue to support us through these trying times. We hope that we can instill in our customers a sense of trust, consistency and community. Although our everyday lives have become fragmented and we face challenges for many more months, we feel connected and strengthened by our community and we thank you for that.

Take care,


Update published 30/03/2020

A drive-thru service is now operating at our Toorak and Malvern stores.

Call the store to place your order, then collect it in your car.

For Toorak orders, we'll meet you in the rear car park.

For Malvern orders, drive down the laneway next to Gazman on Wattletree Road, and we'll meet you there.

Payment can be made by card, we'll bring the eftpos terminal with us to the car, or you can pay over the phone before collection.

Update published 26/03/2020

Home delivery coming soon!

We are working hard to get this service up and running, we are aiming to launch in approximately two weeks.

Toorak store update:

Any phone orders for in store collection must be placed for next day pick up.

Same day pick up is not an option at this time, as it would breach our staff distancing procedure.

Trading hours at Toorak have been adjusted:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Update published 25/03/2020

A further update of the internal safety measures we have implemented at each location in response to COVID-19.

Moorabbin (Head Office and Wholesale):

  • All administration staff are working from home where possible, otherwise being significantly distanced between various office spaces.
  • Production areas are closed to any persons not considered production staff.
  • From 29th March: Our production team will be split into two shifts, halving the number of people on the floor.
  • Adhering to recommended distancing between staff members while on shift.
  • For all wholesale customers: All orders will need to be received strictly by 2pm to guarantee next day delivery (due to split workload of the newly implemented shifts).
  • Constant cleaning and sanitising of frequently used surfaces in addition to our stringent hygiene and sanitation practices already in place.


  • Only five customers permitted in store at one time, distancing using the markers affixed to the floor.
  • Only two counter staff allowed at one time.
  • Only four staff permitted at one time in the back room.
  • Encouraging card payment.
  • Throughout the day we are constantly wiping down all frequently used surfaces such as door handles, counter tops, EFTPOS machines, scales etc with a no rinse sanitiser.
  • All team members are now wearing disposable gloves and we have several hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our stores.


  • Only five staff members to work in the shop at one time.
  • Two sales assistants, two butchers maximum at the cutting bench, one food preparation assistant in the backroom.
  • Encouraging card payment.
  • Throughout the day we are constantly wiping down all frequently used surfaces such as door handles, counter tops, EFTPOS machines, scales etc. with a no rinse sanitiser.
  • All team members are wearing disposable gloves and we have several hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our stores.

Melbourne CBD

David Jones - Butcher and Deli:

  • Maximum of three staff members per store, adhering to distancing guidelines.
  • Encouraging card payment.
  • Throughout the day we are constantly wiping down all frequently used surfaces such as door handles, counter tops, EFTPOS machines, scales etc. with a no rinse sanitiser.
  • All team members are wearing disposable gloves and we have several hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our stores.

Update published 23/03/2020

Additional hygiene measure:  To decrease cash handling by staff members, we ask that customers make payments by EFTPOS where possible

Social distancing: Following Australian Government recommendations, we have implemented social distancing at our Toorak store.

We can have five customers in the store at any time, our ticketing system remains in place, with the dispenser now located out the front of the store.

This will decrease overcrowding and provide a safer shopping environment for everyone.

We will continue to review our practices to ensure we are maintaining a high level of customer service and efficiency while adhering to guidelines and being proactive with health and safety measures.

Update published 18/03/2020

We have experienced an unprecedented demand for meat at our retail stores and stockists.

We are also faced with the supply challenges that are affecting the meat industry as a whole.

Our retail stores are open, and they will remain open unless otherwise instructed by the Australian Government.

There may be some changes to our retail stores trading hours to allow for restocking and staff wellness. Please follow us on social media for up to date information on trading hours.

We are unable to take phone orders or email orders at present, and we are struggling to answer the phones at stores. 

We urge customers to buy only what they need and to refrain from stockpiling, as this will benefit our community as a whole.

A note on health and safety

Given our strict hygiene standards in the meat industry, at Peter Bouchier we are well trained to maintain a high level of personal hygiene. 

The safety of our team members and customers is of the utmost importance to us. We are regularly interacting with our staff to ensure they are making a concerted effort to protect their own health and safety as well as our customers, with additional precautions in place. 

Thank you for your understanding at this time, we love serving you and want to continue to give you the best service possible in these unfamiliar circumstances. 

We would like to thank all of our team members for their hard work, their positive attitudes and their focus on public health at this time.

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