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Meat and Poultry

Butchering how it should be done

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Meat and poultry

Free range meat and poultry prepared with skill and precision

At Peter Bouchier, we are passionate about supplying the best free range meat in Melbourne. We go to great lengths to source free range meat and poultry from leading local producers. Premium meat needs to be prepared correctly by a quality meat butcher. We cut, slice, and trim our meat with the care and respect it deserves, giving you the best product.

As well as the finest meat products, we pride ourselves on providing friendly and attentive customer service. You can always come into a Peter Bouchier meat butcher near you and get any advice or information you need to cook the perfect meal. Alternately, you can buy meat online and have it delivered to you.

Quality meat

Passionate about our premium meat

Leading producers

Meat sourced from leading producers

Product range

Huge range of classic and unique products


Friendly, knowledgeable customer service

Our meat and poultry products

We have a huge range of classic products as well as some things you won't find anywhere else. From family favourites to the latest food trends, we have the free range chicken and meat you're looking for.

Hanging beef cuts


We source the highest quality beef from local producers. Our core beef range is grass-fed, and we also offer grain-fed products such as Wagyu with a 9+ marble score and grain-fed Black Angus.

Branded Beef

Classic cuts

Value Added

  • Grass fed Mongolian beef stir-fry
  • Grass fed honey and soy beef skewers
  • Grass fed beef and blackbean stir-fry
  • Grass fed beef flat iron marinated steak

BBQ and Burgers



All our lambs are picked by our supplier from A grade stock and must meet our strict criteria. All lambs must be 23 kilograms with a good cover of fat to ensure our customers get a consistent, high-quality product.

Classic cuts

Value added



Our range of premium free range is raised exclusively for Peter Bouchier by our partners, two outstanding Free Range Pork producers, Pastoral Pork Company and Riverlea. Our pork is APIQ certified, which means it meets strict free range standards.

Classic cuts

Value added



All of our chicken is certified free range by the FREPA accreditation body, and we have strict requirements for size and quality. We can also source a range of specialty poultry such as poussin, spatchcock, and goose upon request.

Branded chicken

  • Milawa organic whole chicken
  • Saskia Beer whole Barossa chicken
  • Hazeldenes whole chicken
  • Milawa organic chicken breast

Classic cuts

Value Added



We source our veal through our trusted beef suppliers in Victoria and NSW. Through our long-standing relationships with our suppliers, we ensure we only stock high-quality, ethically raised veal.

Classic cuts

Value Added

  • Veal cutlets crumbed with parmesan and parsley

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Butchers of distinction

At Peter Bouchier, we are a passionate team dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency, whether you order meat online or in store.

Working with local producers

We choose our suppliers because they share our passion for quality, as well as our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. As a leading supplier of free range meat in Melbourne, we work with producers in Victoria and NSW to provide the highest quality products for our customers.

In addition to our free range chicken and free range grass-fed beef, our pork is truly special. Our pork is produced in partnership with Pastoral Pork Co and Riverlea; it's APIQ accredited and raised to the highest free range standards.

Locally sourced meat

Butchering with care and precision

We treat all our meat and poultry with the care and respect it deserves. All our butchers are highly skilled and experienced, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and consistency.

All our meat is cut, sliced, and trimmed with care and precision. Using the correct butchering techniques allows you to cook the meat perfectly and gives you the best presentation and texture.

Peter Bouchier butcher chopping beef

Satisfied customers

Amazing meat at very reasonable prices. Very friendly staff too.

Mitchell Oke

Fabulous supplier of high quality meat and smallgoods.

East Ivanhoe Grocers Pty Ltd

Sensational. Best meat I've had. Never had a disappointing cut.

Hugh Williams

Can't think of a thing wrong with this place, such excellent quality.

Ella Kalibwani

Peter Bouchier is rated 4.7 on Google from 16 reviews

About Peter Bouchier

At Peter Bouchier, we are a team of dedicated and passionate butchers. Our aim is always to give our customers the best possible products, and we go to great lengths to achieve this goal.

We have been the trusted name for high-quality meat in Melbourne since 1983. We combine the traditional craft of butchering with industry-leading modern practices, and we keep up to date with the most exciting food trends in Melbourne and around the world. That's what makes us butchers of distinction.

Peter Bouchier team

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