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Peter Bouchier is Thankful4Farmers

Peter Bouchier
Peter Bouchier
November 7, 2019
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We need them, and they need us

Thankfulness, and gratitude, improves mental health and wellness. That's how was born. And, as a sub-branch of the innovative model, the Thankful4Farmers initiative was born.

Aiming to celebrate the importance of farmers, and the contribution they make to our everyday lives, Thankful4Farmers brings together industries, brands, influencers and consumers. In a united effort, we can raise awareness and fundraise to support sustainable agriculture and regional communities.

As a premium butcher, we value Australian farmers. That's why we're proud supporters of Thankful4Farmers.

The problems farmers are facing

You've undoubtedly heard of the droughts currently affecting Australian farmers. This is just one of the many issues farmers here, and across the globe, are facing.

From meeting strict emission requirements, to producing more food on fewer acres, and the price of land ever-growing, the problems are varied — and overwhelming.

So overwhelming, in fact, that many of those in the global farming community are facing mental health crises. We've got to let farmers know we appreciate and support them — and that they are not alone.

The Peter Bouchier story

Peter and Sue Bouchier originate from the Western District — a farming heartland of Victoria. Our extended family remain there as farmers, and as members of the rural community.

We know first-hand that farming success goes hand-in-hand with a stable community. The effects of the challenges faced in recent years - drought, bushfires and COVID, will be long-reaching in the lives of rural Australians. That's why we need to support these communities and farmers, so that we have the strength to withstand these hardships.

As butchers, we are part of the farm to table process. We are witnessing the effects of the drought daily, as it filters through this supply chain. We care. And we want to take action.

Thankful4Farmers gives us the opportunity to provide on-going support, as well as show solidarity to Aussie farmers.

You can show your appreciation, too

By purchasing Thankful4Farmers products, you will be directly supporting Australian farmers. A portion of sales from every Thankful4Farmers product sold will be donated to support regional and rural communities. For more information, visit Thankful4Farmers.

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